Welcome to Cherry Red Bespoke, the home of exclusive, one-off and special edition fan-driven releases from Cherry Red Records.

Inspired by collectors’ demands, fan requests and our collective imagination, we’re bringing a range of must-have releases – vinyl and otherwise – direct to our customers.

With our new platform, we are giving our customers and fans the power to drive, influence and decide which deluxe projects are realised.

We’ve laid the groundwork for the projects, in terms of track choices and packaging,  and now it’s over to you the discerning music fans to make them a reality.  Each project will launch with a three month crowdfunding period. If the project reaches 100% within the timeframe, it’s all systems go!

We’ve a forty year history of crate digging, excavating and reissuing, and direct conversation with fans, customers and collectors from all over the world has always been a source of inspiration and something very close to our heart. So please do get in touch with questions and suggestions – we actively encourage it.

Cherry Red Bespoke is about giving you what you want, and we’re always interested in hearing your ideas.  If you have a suggestion for a deluxe project you’d like the opportunity to see become a reality, email us at ideas(@)cherryredbespoke.com.


When you make a Pledge, we will not take payment until the Project has reached its target upon which the Pledge will be automatically processed and you will receive an automated email. In the event a Project fails to reach its target within the Deadline, the Pledge will automatically be cancelled and payment will not be automatically processed by us but remain in your Paypal account and we will contact you by email to confirm.

Payments on this website are handled by Paypal adaptive payments. For optimum results, please use a desktop device to check out.

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